English Language

We aim at:

  • building studentsconfidence and competence in using English inside and outside the classroom
  • fostering studentsintrinsic interest in learning English
  • developing good reading habits
  • promoting self-directed learning and life-long learning
  • encouraging positive values and attitudes


    Our Student-centred Curriculum

    In our curriculum, reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar learning are all integrated. We focus on all of them.


    In both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2, our lessons are designed to develop students’ interest and language competence in all aspects. We encourage students to learn not only during the lessons, but also before and after the lessons. Students are enabled to master different language skills step by step through engaging in various meaningful tasks and activities.


    In Key Stage 1, in order to maximize students’ exposure to an authentic English environment, besides offering regular student-centered lessons, we also provide PLP-R/W lessons which are taught by both our native English teacher and local English teachers. 


    In fact, we believe students learn best by picking up the language through an English-rich environment. Therefore, in both key stages, we offer a large variety of programmes/ activities to maximize students’ learning opportunities. Here are some examples of our programmes/ activities:

    • English Reading Scheme
    • English Club (Drama/ DJ)
    • English Ambassador Programme
    • Cambridge Course
    • English Creative Writing Class
    • English Fun Quiz
    • Festive English Activities
    • Friday English Activities
    • English Fun Books
    • Self-learning Corner at Google Classroom
    • English Fun Zone on Open Day
    • Inter-school Speech Competition
    • Creative Writing Competition
    • English Reading Day
    • English Day 
    • Cross-curricular Project Learning
    • Calligraphy Competition

    Students at all levels are encouraged to join the programmes/ activities to unleash their potentials.

    1) English Zone on Open Day
    2) Festive Activities
    3) English Fun Quiz
    4) English Drama
    5) Cambridge Class
    6) Creative Writing Class
    7) Speech Festival
    8) Public Speaking Competition
    9) Story-telling Competition
    10) Inter-school English Debates
    11) Summer Holiday Learning Journey
    12) PLP-RW Lessons